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November 2025 - February 2026 - May 2026

There will be 3 non-academic virtual roundtables on God in underrepresented religions, 2 in English and 1 in Portuguese. In addition to Indian traditions, we want to focus on underrepresented religions found in Brazil such as afro-Brazilian traditions, Auyaska traditions and Kardecist traditions, as well as on other non-Abrahamic traditions such as Zoroastrianism and the Bahá’í Faith. Each roundtable will be chaired by two of the team members and will host three to five scholars, possibly non-philosophers, who will represent the underrepresented religions. Guest scholars will address questions about their traditions’ concepts of Divinity. (Possible questions include: What attributes does God possess according to your tradition? What is God’s relationship to the cosmos? What kind of perfection (if any) does your tradition assign to God?) From the answers, the chairs will then facilitate a debate on the philosophical issues involved in the traditions’ concepts of God. The intended audiences for the virtual roundtables would mainly be academics, in particular those from fields also interested in religion, such as religious studies, social science, anthropology and history, as well non-academics interested in philosophy and religion. The roundtables will be streamed through the Logic and Religion Youtube Channel. Overall, the aim of the roundtables is to increase interest in the philosophical issues surrounding concepts of God within a wider audience of academics and non-academics. More details, including exact dates and list of speakers, will be posted soon. 

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